Distant IT Support

Over night, phrases like distance learning and working from home became staples to life in America. Our team was ready!

Heartland Macs will support just about any software and hardware out there, and will help implement the right tools into your organization for better efficiency and performance.

We can load tools on your machine like our Protect or Protect+ packages that will allow for easy remote help. Or with no software at all loaded on your machine, we can guide you to our remote help page so our professionals can help from anywhere.

If you just have one computer at home that you need help on, or if you need management of hundreds or thousands of computers at a school or office…we can help. Digital meetings, instant messaging, video conferencing? We can help.


322 Southwest Blvd,
Kansas City, MO 64108 


Email: info@heartlandmacs.com
Phone: 816.361.2676


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