Keep your devices safe with Heartland Mac's premium
anti-virus and backup software

HM Protect Antivirus

Best in class antivirus, protecting your machine and monitored by our team. Firewall to protect your system from hackers. Ransomware Shields protecting from hackers encrypting your files. Wi-Fi inspectors detecting weaknesses in your homes WiFi network. 


HM Protect Antivirus has your back 100% of the time!

Whether you are browsing the internet or accessing important files, we've got you covered!

  • Award winning security backed by AVG
  • Multiple layers of protection - WebShield, MailShield, FileShield
  • Blocks viruses, ransomware & malware - protect yourself from the worst
  • Monitored by our team - letting us know what is happening right when it happens
  • Smartscan - see for yourself that you are protected

HM Backup

All your files, safe! Having a backup is one thing...
Having a backup you trust is another!

HM Backup

Award winning backup, giving you peace of mind that all of your information is safe. Unlimited storage to house all of your information, no matter what it can all be brought back. Never have to sweat a disaster again. 


HM Backup will backup your entire PC!

Do you have 200 GB of data? 500 GB of data? 2 TB of data?
It doesn't matter!

  • Your Entire System! - We backup your entire PC!
  • Cloud Backup - your backup is safe from fires, tornados, hurricanes, etc.
  • Continuously backing up - safe from ransomware and had drive crashes
  • Military grade security & compliance - your data is protected on the cloud with industry best practices
  • Encrypted data - nobody but you is getting your backup.
  • HIPAA - trusted compliance


Get started with HM Backup at your home or business now!

No more backup maintenance or finding out after the fact that your backup didn't work! We will handle the maintenance, upkeep, testing, and monitoring! Get started with HM Backup at your home or business now! Call us now at 816-361-2676!


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